Photographic Awards

Royal Photographic Society - RPS

The RPS holds regular seminars and exhibitions on various photographic topics throughout the country.  They award distinctions and these qualifications are known worldwide as measures of photographic achievement.
Licentiateship – LRPS – 10 prints or slides that are sufficiently varied to show good technical quality, understanding of the use of light, good print quality, variety of treatment and how to select the right view point.
Associateship – ARPS– 15 prints or slides.  You have to show a high level of visual competence, good technical expertise, and sensitive use of light, composition skills and meaningful communication are all prerequisites.
It recognises individuality and sustained ability in the following subjects: Portraiture, Nature, Printing, Slide-Sound Sequences, Theatrical and Wedding, Journalism and Travel, Research.
Fellowship – FRPS 20 prints or slides.  Demands distinguished ability in a specialist field.  Your individual style should be clearly recognised and it should demonstrate excellent communication through your photographs.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain - PAGB

The CREDIT Award (CPAGB) is assessed against GOOD CLUB PHOTOGRAPHY – Obviously the standard of photography varies considerably from club to club and what is ‘Good’ in one club may not be as successful in another. At the CPAGB level the Adjudicators are looking for photographs that they would expect to do well in the Average Club in domestic and Inter-Club competitions, perhaps representing the Club in Federation competitions.

The DISTINCTION Award (DPAGB) is assessed against OPEN EXHIBITION STANDARD PHOTOGRAPHY – Although there is a much greater commonality of standard at exhibition level there are still variations. Every potential exhibitor has had an image accepted in one exhibition and rejected from the next one. The PAGB Adjudicators are looking for photographs that, in their opinion, would be likely to achieve a high level of acceptance in Open Exhibitions.

The MASTER Award (MPAGB) seeks to recognise the HIGHEST STANDARD OF AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY – The Adjudicators are looking for a very high standard of photography, images which, in their opinion, would enjoy a considerable level of success in International Exhibitions, including consistent and frequent acceptances. Pictures do not require to have been entered or accepted previously in any International but must be of an exceptional standard.

Award for Meritorious Service (APAGB) – Awarded in recognition of a person who has given outstanding service to photographers belonging to member societies of the PAGB.  They will have given their services for a period of not less than 10 years.  Services may have been given in the capacity of a Federation Lecturer or Judge or as an organiser of a regular event at Federation, National or International level.

Federation International de l’Art photographique – FIAP

FIAP Distinctions – there are several distinctions for photographic merit: including the following: AFIAP – Artist FIAP
EFIAP- Excellence FIAP
EFIAP/b – EFIAP bronze
EFIAP/s EFIAP silver
EFIAP/g – EFIAP gold
EFIAP/p EFIAP platinum
MFIAP – Master Photographer
FIAP Criteria for each of the awards above are regularly revised and new ones introduced, check the FIAP website for most up to date information. 

British Photographic Exhibitions - BPE

The crown award system is designed to enable successful photographers to gain additional recognition.  Exhibitors are invited to aggregate their acceptances in the affiliated exhibitions and upon reaching the accepted aggregate they apply without charge for a Crown Rating Award.  They will receive a certificate and ribbon and will be entitled to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name.  i.e. BPE 1* or BPE 2* up to BPE 5*.
There are further categories available.  For more information visit their website.

Member's Awards

NameyearAward WhereFederation
Peter CoxSep-16BPE1*
Lorraine HardyMay-16BPE3*
Lorraine HardyMay-16AFIAP
Lorraine HardyNov-15CPAGBPrintsNeath WPF
Lorraine HardyNov-15BPE1*
Simon HolylandOct-15BPE2*
Pip WheatcroftApr-15DPAGBPrintsSouthamptonSPF
Simon HolylandMay-14BPE1*
David HarrisonMay-14BPE1*
Sarah BrooksMay-13BPE2*
Pip WheatcroftApr-13CPAGBPrintsRednalMCPF
Sarah BrooksApr-13BPE2*
Rosemary MutimerSep-11BPE5*
Sandie HolylandNov-10CPAGBPrintsL&CPU
Lucia DuckettJun-10MCPF 10 year Service
Lucia DuckettJun-10APAGB
Lucia DuckettJun-10MCPF Roll of Honour
Ralph DuckettMar-10EFIAP
Sarah BrooksMar-10BPE 1*
Ralph DuckettOct-09APAGB
Pradeep SinghalApr-09CPAGBPrints
Paul TaylorApr-09BPE 4*
Rosemary MutimerMar-09AFIAP
Rosemary MutimerNov-08BPE 4*
Michael MutimerNov-08BPE 4*
Sarah BrooksNov-08DPAGBPrintsGatesheadNCPF
Michael MutimerMar-08AFIAP
Gordon HudsonNov-07DPAGBPrints
Simon HolylandNov-07CPAGBSlides
Rosemary MutimerMay-07ARPSWedding/portrait
Gordon HudsonNov-06CPAGBPrints
David HarrisonApr-06CPAGBSlides
Jan TaylorApr-05CPAGBPrintsNorthern IrelandNIPA
Ralph DuckettMar-05AFIAP
Sarah BrooksMar-05L-MPA/BIPP
Phil NixonNov-04DPAGBSlidesBurton on TrentMCPF
Ralph DuckettJun-04MCPF 10 year Service
Ralph DuckettJun-04MCPF Roll of Honour
Ralph DuckettApr-04MPAGBSlidesHarlowEAF
Ralph DuckettMar-04BPE 2*
Keith HickenbothamFeb-04LRPS
Ian TaylorApr-03CPAGBSlidesLancasterL&CPU
Gwynne HarriesNov-02CPAGBPrintsLlanberisNWPF
Ray PorterApr-02CPAGBSlidesTauntonWCPF
Ralph DuckettSep-01BPE 1*
Rosemary MutimerNov-99DPAGBSlides
Michael MutimerNov-99DPAGBSlidesSwanseaWPF
Ivan SmithApr-99CPAGBSlidesAshfordKent
Mick TwiggNov-98CPAGBSlides
Ralph DuckettNov-98DPAGBSlidesHarrowCACC
Rosemary MutimerApr-98CPAGBSlides
Michael MutimerApr-98CPAGBSlidesEastbourne
Phil GendersNov-97CPAGBSlidesYork
Ralph DuckettNov-96CPAGBSlidesBromsgrove
Paul TaylorApr-94DPAGBSlidesDarwenL&CPU